Monday, February 18, 2008

Reality Check -- Down the Rabbit-Hole

Before we move ahead, I’d like to get a few things perfectly straight:

Marianne Richardson is a pen name.

Most of the people and things I write about here are true. Some of the things I write here that are not true are actually true, but for reasons of privacy and good manners, I change just enough. Some of the true and not true things – entries as well as comments – are all tangled up together because they make a more interesting story that way. This is what happens when you become a novelist – people pay you to lie truthfully. I suspect the number of links in any entry may be directly proportional to the “truthiness” of that entry, but don’t quote me on that…

So… If this isn’t reality blogging, why bother?

Because my best days involve falling down the rabbit hole and eating tiny cookies with cryptic instructions on them. Because chronic boredom is a horrible disease and needs its own telethon. Because my therapist threw me out. Because there is more Truth in a well-crafted fiction than there is in most people’s Reality. Because if I can create the mindset of a small café where Strange and Wonderful Things Happen, if you come here and read something that makes you laugh or think a thought you never had before, I will consider my cosmic purpose fulfilled.

And I am telling you these things now because when I am at last published and Oprah has me on her show to do the Book Club Thing, I don’t want anyone getting upset or feeling Lied To when they find out that my editor friend, Fred, is not actually a human being, but a cleverly articulated sock-puppet.

You have been warned.

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teh_freditor said...

Oh thanks so much! A sock puppet? I'll have you know that I am actually a stuffed raccoon - BWAHAHA!